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Frequently Asked Question - IMPORTANT

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 09:33 PM

Dear customers,

To save your time and hassle from posting a new topic and reply to a post, please read this topic first. This topic will be updated frequently. Also please read the manual properly, some problems people are having can be rectified and answered by reading the manual properly. You can get the manual here: http://www.commercia...S742_manual.zip

This topic contains answers and links to various issue/problem discovered so far.

LAST UPDATED: 9/6/2008



"I have paid for the product, however I have not received a download link and the license"

Please check your Spam/Bulk folder on your email which you used to purchased the product. If you still cannot find it, please email us with your proof of purchase/invoice to info[@]commerciallevel.com your proof of purchase/invoice is not your credit card number/invoice ID

"Where can I get the paintkit?"


"Am I allowed to do repaints?"

You certainly can, that's why we provide you the paintkit, however:

From Paintkit Readme
You're welcome to repaint any liveries you like please upload texture files only. Strictly no model, FDE, Panel may be uploaded together with your repaint, remember textures only and only the altered/modified textures.

All textures are copyright and intellectual property of Commercial Level Simulations. Strictly forbidden to copy or modify the texture for non CLS product or any other purpose.

Please do not use textures made by our painters without permission, please ask in the forum if you wish to use the texture.

You may not in any circumstances make profit out of your CLS repaints.

Installation Issue:

"when I click on the setup file, I get an error box stating File not Found."

Extract all contents of the zip file to desktop or your My Documents folder for example. It is recommended that you extract to the place where you can remember it easily. Once extracted, go to the folder/location where you had extracted the content of the zip file and run the installer.

"I have installed your product on both FS9 and FSX, I want to install on different system, can I do this?"

No, you need to purchase the product again

"I have re-format my computer and I want to install again, but the license key I received won't allow me to install, what can I do?"

You will need to email us with your proof of purchase/invoice to info[@]commerciallevel.com

747-200/300 General FAQ:

"All doors and cargo doors can not be open with (shift -/E1, E2,T,F) or by the switches in the FE-panel. Only the animations (stairs,trucks) activated
with the feature panel works. For people who works with AES airport animation this is not interesting."

http://www.commercia...?showtopic=6993 it is explained and described in the manual

"VC attitude knob not working, why?"
http://www.commercia...?showtopic=6988 we have addressed this issue, please re-download the package.

"I got low FPS with your 747-200/300 with FSX, what can I do?"


"Will there be INS soon for the 747-200/300 just like with the DC10?"

Yes we're working on it, please don't ask when we can release it.

"How do I install the livery?"


"How do I get liveries?"


or you can manually download liveries from here:


"I have installed the product on FSX, why can't I see more variants of the 747-200/-300, why is this?"


"Why no FMC?"


"Fuel display read "0""

As this topic has outlined: http://www.commercia...?showtopic=7005
we're fixing the problem

"When will there be a cargo/freighter model?"

We're working on it, soon, won't be long, please don't ask the release date

"Will you please paint additional liveries?"

We will release more liveries for the freighter model. Either us or 3rd party painter will do the repaint. There's no guarantee that we can do the repaint requested.

Flying the 747-200/300:

"Autothrottle doesn't work, how can I get it to work?"


"Plane doesn't follow GPS mode, why? and how can I make the plane follow GPS mode?"


"Stabilizer trims resets to zero, why?"

http://www.commercia...?showtopic=7010 we are addressing this problem

"VC Windows opaque at night, why?"
http://www.commercia...?showtopic=6984 we are working on a fix

"Rudder not working"

Try the suggestion by having the damper switch off, as stated in this topic: http://www.commercia...?showtopic=6994

"Takeoff difficulty"



http://www.commercia...?showtopic=7001 and http://www.commercia...?showtopic=7006
we are looking into this issue
Best Regards,

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