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VLJ / CLS BJET - Suggestions

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#1 Rovert Fenkle Hooper

Rovert Fenkle Hooper


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Posted 27 June 2008 - 08:05 AM


I bought the CLS BJET and am using it with Nick's great G1000 gauge merged into the VC.

The BJET is quite good fun (once you're in the air!) but there are a few areas that I think really need some attention. This aircraft is crying out for a service pack to address these issues :-
  • The engine start switches in the VC do not work - they turn but will not start the engine. It is necessary to bring up the 2D engine start panel to start engines, which is not good on a modern add-on with a clickable cockpit
  • The aircraft lurches forward about 2 feet when each engine is started, even though throttle is at idle and parking brake is on. (If I had a ground engineer in front of the aircraft during starting, he'd be dead for sure !)
  • Whilst the hand flying aspects of the FDE are good fun, the power and thrust settings of this model are miles out. In the real aircraft, full power is adopted for take-off. In the CLS model, even the suggested 75% power results in a an unrealistic, overpowered take-off and initial climb. Respectfully, the power aspects of the FDE need a serious rework folks.
  • The real aircraft does not have an AT system, (one was planned but not adopted), so why include one in the CLS model? .... it makes it feel like a default FS aircraft. It would be more realistic (and easier!) to leave it out. Remember, with realism, sometimes less is more.
I hope CLS will look to make some quality improvements to this model, to bring more consistancy to the range of your products. When you have flagship products like the 747-200, it is a shame to have real quality issues on some of your other products, such as the VLJ. It's not a bad aircraft, it just needs fixing in some areas !


[EDIT: I changed the THRUST SCALAR setting in the aircraft.cfg to 0.70 and this hugely imrpoved things!]

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#2 ronhol



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Posted 27 July 2010 - 04:48 AM

Thanks for the THRUST SCALAR tip, by changing the thrust figure to the one you suggest 0.7 it has made a world of difference to the flight characteristics of this delightful little aircraft, it has stopped the problems of over the top acceleration and lurching forward on start up that was a universal problem for everybody with the VLJ BJ.
Thanks again

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