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Expansion Liveries Won't Install

15 January 2012 - 08:32 PM

A couple of days ago, I purchased the 767 from Just Flight.

Yesterday, I purchased the liveries expansion.

I installed both.

When I tried to run Flight Simulator, it gave me an error message that the packs were duplicated.

So I deleted the only pack that I could find in the Sims Objects directory.  At least Flight Simulator ran.

But the livery I wanted did not appear.

When I tried to install the expanded livery pack again, it hung up on me and gave me an error message.

When I tried to unistall the expanded livery pack, it asked me for my serial key.

I do not know where my serial key is at.  I don't have any e-mails form you with this information.  It is not in my accounts information.  While my account information gives me a license number, the program does not accept it.

All I wanted to do, was uninstall this package so I could reinstall it.  But I am stymied.

But this probably would not work because  because I probably would get the same error message about duplcate packs.

Software should not work like this.  The expansion pack should install smoothly.

Yes.  I am frustrated.  And after messing around with this for a while I am angry.

Your software is expensive.  The livery packs are expensive.  Consumers are entitled to better quality than this.