Datum: 26-02-2011 Livery Party!

MD81/82 JetLiner
With new additions from several repaints the Livery Manager now counts 113 liveries for our MD80 product. Combined with the official CLS releases this means almost every airline which ever operated the MD81/82 is now available for our model! Have a look in the livery manager SEARCH ONLINE list!

767 Livery Expansion pack
We have a release date for you! Next wednesday we will release the Boeing 767 Livery Expansion Pack, featuring 28 liveries (25 for regular installation, 3 need the cargo expansion). The pack will be available from our webshop for 11.99 EUR. The livery list is:

762 Delta retro
762 US Airways OC
762 TWA
762 Malev
762 Thomsonfly

763 Martinair retro
763 KLM OC
763 BA OC (landor)
763 My Travel
763 Kenya airways

763 Delta Skyteam
763 Lufthansa regular
763 Air France
763 United (continental merger colors)
763 Hokkaido

763 Delta OC
763 Blue Panorama Airlines
763 Australian
763 American Airlines (with/without WINGLET)
763 Air India

763 Condor
763 S7 Siberia (green)
763 United Airlines (grey)
763 PrivatAir
763 TAM

The following do require the regular expansion package for military, winglet and cargo models:
763 MasAir
763 DHL UK (with/without WINGLET)
763 TNT

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