Datum: 02-06-2011 Repaint Manager now available

Brand new Repaint Manager, now available!

Click here to go to the Repaint Manager product page.

Offering quick and easy livery downloads to enhance your FS9 and/or FSX installation! No technical knowledge about FS is required to use our one-click installation for liveries. And be noted, this is not just for CLS aircraft but for any FS aircraft addon! So yes this will also work on your purchased aircrafts from other developers. The current database of liveries can be seen here: CLS Repaint Manager database The database is expanding daily, with many new CLS and non-CLS aircraft.

The Repaint Manager (RM) connects to our extensive database of liveries, provides you an easy way of browsing the available liveries, and let you install one by just one click. But thats not all you can do with this program. You can also manage your current aircraft in flight sim, edit their aircraft.cfg entries, or delete them. As bonus we also includes a feature to import liveries for installation. Downloaded a zip file with a livery you always wanted? Drag and drop it onto the RM and it will prepare the livery for installation. Once again, hit the install button and it will be installed for you!*

Uploading liveries you made to our database is really easy. We included a simple, straight-forward uploading tab. All you need to do is to drop the livery zip or folder onto the upload part of the Repaint Manager. Or even better, if you browse to the texture folder of the livery when its installed in your FS, our RM will find the corresponding aircraft.cfg data and prepare the livery for uploading. All you need to do now is verify the data, and hit the upload button.**

FREE livery packs included (normally payware!)
The Repaint Manager comes with many liveries for CLS aircraft which are normally payware. In fact, it even comes with liveries which are not available elsewhere!
1. 3 Airbus Pack livery expansion (info)
2. MD81/82 Livery pack expansion (info)
3. more then 20 new DC10 Series liveries which are ONLY available using the CLS Repaint Manager! (info)
4. No less then 15 brand new MD81/82 JetLiner liveries which are ONLY available using the CLS Repaint Manager!(info)

Instruction video

* The import feature will only work if the zip or folder with the livery contains some sort of aircraft.cfg entry which should be used for installation. Normally, most of the painters include this.
** Make sure that you have the copyrights of a repaint when uploading.

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