Datum: 30-08-2011 BAE146 in development

CLS Previews the brand new BAE146 JetLiner package!
After 3 years of development we are very pleased to show the first previews of our upcoming BAE 146 JetLiner package. This masterpiece has high resolution textures, making every little detail visible for you as virtual pilot. The exterior comes with a load of liveries from every possible corner of the world. The virtual cockpit is designed from a detailed photoshoot of the actual aircraft. The VC will be absolutely stunning! If you liked our previews VC's, you will be blown away by this one!

As you are used from us, the aircraft comes with a nice LITE panel. But, as we also keep developing more and more on this bird, it will have advanced features that go way beyond LITE. Don't let this scare you, it has all the tricks needed to use it as a fantastic LITE product! Those who wish more complexity will have their wishes come through. We call this medium level: LITE Advanced!

Just exterior screenshots for now. We are working hard on this bird, and hope to finish off in a few months time. It will be very much worth the wait, we promise!

The aircraft will be fully FSX dedicated to make optimal use of its features.

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