Datum: 19-07-2007 DC10 INS expansion (free) available


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Just Flight and Commercial Level Simulations are pleased to announce a fantastic free upgrade feature for their popular DC-10 Collection. Owners of this excellent expansion of the famous tri-jet can now download a free INS (Inertial Navigation System) which puts this F-Lite classic on a par with more complex simulations. The INS upgrade includes a full manual explaining the features and operation and it is available exclusively from the Just Flight and CLS websites. (Please note that respective owners must download from the respective site).  


Inertial Navigation Systems were the predecessors to modern flight management computers and are fitted to many classic airliners, including the DC-10, 747 and L-1011 TriStar. Using laser gyros, accelerometers and microprocessors, the INS accurately positions the aircraft anywhere in the world and allows for flight planning and guidance without recourse to radio or satellite communications.



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