Commercial Level Simulations is a unique company for Flight Simulation. Started
in 2005 by Warren C. Daniel and Albert Bouwman, CLS has grown quickly to its
current position. CLS creates many products for a variety of customers to enjoy,
as well as business and military solutions.

For our upcoming projects, CLS has included more detail in the models, as
well as more systems for cockpits. CLS will offer both LITE products and
PROFESSIONAL level products, ensuring CLS has a product for every simmer!



Warren C. Daniel


Chief Executive Officer:
Warren was one of the founders of CLS, together with Albert. Warren has alot experience in real world aviation as well as flight simulation. Warren designs all our flight dynamics with special care to realism and quality. Warren is also our chief test pilot, flying thousands of hours to test the products.


Albert Bouwman


Chief Operating Officer:
Albert was a co-founder of Commercial Level Simulations that has been established in July 2005. After designing many years for freeware leading group, Project OpenSky, Albert has several years of experience in 3D design. Next to designing aircraft, he is also responsible for all daily operations of the company.


Nick Pike


Nick has many years experience in flight simulation design and development, originally designing complete aircraft, and having received awards from prominent internet sites.
Due to the complexity of modern aircraft systems, Nick has specialised in the development of panels, gauges and aircraft systems. Having professional Engineering qualifications, and many years experience working in a technical environment, Flight Simulation provides Nick with the full-time technical challenges to exercise his abilities.
He joined CLS around 2 years ago, when looking for "A professional organisation through which I could channel my technical and artistic attributes"


K. Mitchell


Mitch joined CLS late 2005 to create high quality panels for our Airbus series. Later he also designed several other panels for our products. Mitch has been designing panels for a very long time, starting with freeware panels.




Missi has been modelling for flight simulator for a long time. Also starting as lead model designer at Project Opensky, Missi has developed himself into a true master of aircraft modelling. Many popular aircraft are made by him, for example LevelD 767, Overland Airbus/Boeing series, FSpainter AI models and of course several of our own CLS aircraft. Having knowledge about 3D design as well as XML coding, Missi can offer highly detailed aircraft models with complex XML coding for best performance.


Andrew Mykhaylov


Andrew is our lead programmer for .exe programs and complex website codes. Having experience in a serie of programming languages, Andrew is a truely multi-functional programmer. Andrew joined CLS a while ago, though stayed mostly on the background for most of the time. His initial project was the CLS Livery Manager, which is now a standard for new CLS releases with multiple liveries.




Shervin has been flight simming since 1993 with FS4. He began modeling aircraft in 1996 using the original BAO Flightshop software. From there he moved on to Project Opensky and now CLS as a model designer. He is the modeller of our popular A330/A340 product.


Aaron Clark


Aaron joined CLS in 2005 as our first scenery designer and a texture artist. Aviation is his key interest and intends on perusing a professional flying career later this year.  Doing scenery design for CLS provides him with the challenges of creating scenery ‘as real as it gets’. He has developed Sydney and Environment Boost for CLS, and has more to come down the track.



Jacob Kubique


Jacob's interest in FS sparked in the days of FS2000. When FS2002 was released, he began painting Australian Liveries. By 2006, his Photoshop skills had reached higher levels, and at this time he joined Project Open Sky. His desire for greater challenges were fulfilled when he designed the ERj-145 and Boeing 777 VCs for Project Open Sky. He joined CLS mid 2007 as a Virtual Cockpit Designer.
Jacob at present is a Computer Science Graduate. He is committed to delivering realistic, photo-real, high quality Virtual Cockpits, presently working on the 747 and 767 aircraft. He is committed to continued improvements in skill sets and work quality.


Alexandra Mukha


Alexandra is an highly skilled programmer, with experience in many web languages like HTML, PHP, Javascript, flash and others. Alexandra is working on several projects for CLS, including non-flightsim programs for new product development. These highly promising products will be announced early 2010!


Darrin Harris


Darrin has been our intellectual property advisor for many years, particularly as related to CLS’ patent application, and has recently assumed a role as Chief Intellectual Property Officer for CLS


Daniel Higgins


Daniel has been using flightsim since the age of 4 and FS95. He currently provides repaints and websites for the flightsim community. In 2008 Dan started his PPL on his way to hopefully getting a job with the airlines and is currently finishing an IT qualification at college.


Gilbert Friemelt


Born in 1970, my first contact with flight simulation was in the late 80´s on an Atari and later on an Amiga. In the 90th took the step to a PC and MS Flight Simulator 95 and later FS 2000 and FS 2002. I left out FS 2004 completely and took the step to FSX and soon became totally addicted to it. I found out soon that just flying is not enough, so I teached myself panel editing, FDE editing, sound editing, repainting and finally some XML editing and gauge creation and nearly everything that can be changed or edited in the FSX.
Started my own website ( in 2008 and I am currently working as an administrator, webmaster and (3d-) graphics designer.


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