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GA & Business Jets - CLS Business Jet

Price: $ 16.6(all inclusive)(?)

Compatable with FS9 and FSX!

*unfortunately our products are not compatible with DX10 (preview mode). Although we hope Microsoft will fix this we cannot guarantee anything. 


Welcome to worlds cheapest Business Jet! The CLS BJ, a small jet for 4 to 6 passengers.
If you want a business jet for ultimate fun, then you found one here! This Business Jet has alot features to make the flight more fun then you can ever imagine.

This package comes with:
- Layered paintkit (requires photoshop, a non-layered bmp version is also included)
- 6 liveries to enjoy
- Operations manual

The product has a great set of cockpit systems, available in both 2D and 3D cockpit.



- 3D with lots of details
- Highly tuned flight dynamics
- Realistic artwork with several fictional liveries
- Full virtual cockpit/cabin
- Dynamic wingviews (with or without VC available)
- 3D pilots in exterior model which actually move!
- 3D passenger in exterior model
- Opening passenger door
- Small pushback tractor
- Fueltruck
- Blocks for the wheels when parked
- CLS custom effects
- CLS Pratt and Whitney soundset

- Elevators and ailerons droop when Hydraulics are gone
- Opening engines (maintenance mode)
- Opening wingtips (maintenance mode)
- engine covers for when engines are off
- Wheels animated
- Gear retracting
- Flaps
- Elevators
- Ailerons
- Rudder
- Nosegear turning
- engine fans rotating
- wheels show compression on the ground
- Blocks at the nosegear when parked
- Pilots heads are turning when you make a turn with the aircraft
- Dynamic shine
- see-through windows

- pilot seats go back for sitting down in the cockpit
- Joystick
- rainwipers
- 3D buttons in VC

- Snow on the windows (special effect)

- rain on the windows
- Operations manual with flight procedures and vspeeds

- Customised XML Avidyne glass cockpit. Functional in both 2D and Virtual Cockpit views.

- Primary Flight Display (PFD) mainly based on the FlightMax Entegra system. The product manual from the Avidyne site describes most of the features. Features include NAV 1/2 and GPS navigation. Flight plan route details on 360 HSI. Brightness control and button illumination. Fully functional Attitude indicator with realistic rolling numbers, IAS, ALT and turn tren indicators and a host of other details. Timed buttons

- Multi-Function Display (MFD), FlightMax EX5000, highly customised to suit this application and FS2004. Contains Flight Plan Route information page. (FP is built in the default FS system), Full radios page including ADF and transponder. Handy seperate nearest airport and frequency (including ILS) page. Fully working TCAS with full correct symbology and colours as TAS600 Traffic Advisory System.
Standby Attitude Indicator (miniture PFD).
Fully integrated G500 and customised to suit this panel type with complete moving map.
Additional general information regarding aircraft systems, engine parameters, fuel usage and economy, gear, flaps, trim, etc.etc.

- Autopilot Panel. Comprehensive, fully functional and integrated into the FlightMax Entegra system.
- Lighting and general switching panel.
- Seperate panels for engine/flap control, trims and parking brake.
- Icon bar. Most gauges/panels easily enlarged as pop-up windows, including the PFD and MFD.
- Tail number integration plaque on the MFD

System requirements:                                                                   
Compatable with FS9 and FSX!

100 mb of free harddisk space 1.7GHz PC
Windows XP
512Mb RAM
64Mb graphics card

Due the many (XML) features, this relatively small aircraft can still be harder on frames in the Virtual Cockpit. We advice customers to read the documentation about this as there are a few tips that can help.



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The CLS Business Jet is the CLS interperatation of this aircraft and systems. No ownership of trademarks or copyrights is intended or inferred.

CLS does not falsely represent or advertise for any company. CLS aircraft and system features are specifically listed on our product website. Please read carefully before purchasing.

This aircraft and manual are not provided from, endorsed by, affiliated with, nor supported by Eclipse Aviation, Pratt and Whitney - Canada, Isuzu Commercial Vehicles, or any other parts or equipment vendor in any way.

All copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.

The CLS aircraft, manuals, and procedures are not intended for training purposes nor real world flight.

The procedures contained within are the Commercial Level Simulations interpretation of generic flight operations. These procedures are not always accurate in all situations.

Due to limited publically available information about this aircraft, CLS acknowledges that aspects of this flight simulator aircraft, its procedures, and/or its performance may be incorrect. CLS assumes no liability for any incorrect information.

The purpose of the manual is not to claim ownership of any content herein, rather, to show flight operations and performance of the CLS Business Jet based on available public information.

Commercial Level Simulations aircraft are intended as an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and/or Flight Simulator X.

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