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This product is not compatible with FSX!

The CLS Garmin1000 is a unique product which makes it possible to fly aircrafts in FS with the Garmin1000 system.

The default installation will make it possible to fly the Cessna 172 in 2D cockpit with the G1000. Also included is an easy merge for the CLS Business Jet. This makes it possible to fly the G1000 / CLS BJ perfectly in both 2D and 3D cockpit. Both have been redesigned to fit the Garmin1000.

* Note: for the CLS Business Jet merge to work, the CLS BJ product is required.

We have made a list of all its features, however since the list is very long you can view it on another webpage, please click the link below to view the features.

System requirements                                                                              
Flight Simulator 2004
Windows XP/2000
PC with 1.7 GHz equivalent or higher processor
512Mb RAM
64Mb video card  




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This product and manual is not provided from, or endorsed by the maker of the real G1000, or any airline in any way.
Any exact similarities between this manual and Commercial Level Simulations aircraft to actually aircraft/product, procedures, or airline carriers are strictly coincidental.
All copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.
The procedures contained within are the Commercial Level Simulations interpretation of generic flight operations. These procedures are not always accurate in all situations.
All diagrams have been either been recreated to mimic actual procedures or scenarios, or remain the copyrights of the respective owners. The purpose of the manual is not to claim ownership of the procedures or diagrams herein, rather, to show flight operations of the G1000 based on available information.This manual is not intended for real world flight.
Commercial Level Simulations aircraft are intended as a payware add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

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