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Boeing - 747-200/300

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This product is not DX10 compatible!

Welcome to the CLS Boeing 747-200 which includes the -300 as BONUS!

Service Pack 2 included


The Commercial Level Simulations Boeing 747-200 includes a free bonus, the Boeing 747-300. Looking for the ultimate 747 experience? The CLS 747-200 includes 65 liveries, extremely detailed exterior model and realistic Virtual Cockpit (photoreal parts). The panel is equally good and has many functions.


Internet activation required!


The package is around 380mb for pax. extra 380mb for cargo (seperate download) 

CLS offers CD service on checkout (8 euro ex vat if applied)



General features

- For both FSX and FS2004!

- Highly detailed exterior models.

- High quality interactive 3D Virtual cockpit (VC)

- 2D panel with custom gauges.

- 65 highly detailed liveries!

- Detailed manual.

- Option for showing the wings from the interior view (wingview)

- Pushback truck (can be switched on/off for FSX)

- Air stairs. For passenger models

- Dynamic wing-flex.

- Detailed flight deck when seen from the exterior.

- Animations abound; Passenger doors, cargo doors, flaps, rudder, elevators, undercarriage, engine fans, thrust reversers and spoilers.

- High quality sound sets.

- Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney and General Electric engines modelled.



The package is around 380mb for pax. extra 380mb for cargo (seperate download) 

CLS offers CD service on checkout (8 euro ex vat if applied)


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Detailed features:


- Highly detailed 747-200 models: Passenger, Combi (Cargo and Passenger) and Cargo.

- Highly detailed 747-300 models: Passenger. Combi (Cargo and Passenger).

- Dynamic wingflex.

- Dynamic shine.

- Operating passenger doors.

- Operating cargo doors

- XML coded landing gear for better visual performance

- Pushback truck (can be switched on/off for FSX). 

- Stairs.

- Option for showing wings in the interior view (wingview).

- Full flyable photorealistic virtual cockpit.

- FS9 version only: extra bonus vehicles around the aircraft at the ramp

- Passenger doors.

- Cargo doors.

- Realistic thrust reverser animation.

- Engine fans.


Fully animated control surfaces:

- Flaps.

- Rudder.

- Elevators.

- Undercarriage.

- Spoilers.



Special effects

- Tyre/wet runway water effects

- Engine start smoke

- Touchdown tyre smoke effects

- Fire/sparks from the rear underbelly when you over-rotate

- Burning rubber effects

- Inspection lights

- Dynamic wing-flex



Texture artwork:

- Dynamic shine.

- Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates.

- 65 highly detailed liveries!

- Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required).



Flight Dynamics (FDE)

- Highly tuned 747 FDE based on high-detailed documentation and flight-tested based on FAA simulation requirements with:

- Differing location/weight/cargo/fuel specs for different 747 variants based documentation and real-world passenger/cargo loading

- Improvements to 747 performance based on additional 747 pilot input and performance charts

- Individual FDE for specific airframe variant and engine type

- Different engine mount points per engine type

- Different engine performance per type

- Different performance per 747 variant

- All fuel and weight stations based on actual Boeing documentation

- Optimized for FSX

- "True Feel" format for correct performance and feel.

- High-fidelity 747 Sound-sets for the Pratt and Witney, General Electric and Rolls Royce engines.



Flight planning:

- Uses the default MSFS payload and fuel editor for ease of use and reliability.

- Uses the default MSFS flight planner and Navigation Log for accurate flight/fuel planning for ease of use and reliability.



Comprehensive manual.



Panel and VC features:

- High quality 2D instrument panel.

- Virtual Cockpit with mouse clickable operations.

- Full analog Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight engineer panels.

- Overhead, Throttle Quadrant and Radio stack panels.

- Flight Engineers station has expanded pop-up panels for easier viewing.


The package is around 380mb for pax. extra 380mb for cargo (seperate download) 

CLS offers CD service on checkout (8 euro ex vat if applied)


Boeing 747-200
Whites KLM
Aerolinas Argentinas Korean Air
Air Canada Lufthansa
Air Canada OC Lufthansa OC
Air India Malaysia Airways
Air New Zealand Northwest Air
Alitalia Northwest Air OC
ANA Orient Thai
British Airways Pakistan Airlines PIA - COD
British Airways Landor Phillipine Airlines
Cathay Pacific Qantas
Cathay Pacific OC Royal Jordanian
CLS House Livery South African
Continental Airlines Thai
Continental Airlines OC Tower Air
Corsair TWA
Garuda Indonesia United OC
Iberia Varig
Iran Air Virgin Atlantic
Japan Airlines World Airways
Japan Airlines OC


Boeing 747-300


Cathay Pacific

Japan Airlines



Travel City Direct


Boeing 747-200
Air China Cargo
ANC (Nippon Cargo Airlines)
Atlas Air
Cathay Pacific Cargo
El Al Cargo
Flying Tiger
Focus Air
Japan Airlines Cargo
Korean Air Cargo
MK  - Bare Metal
Polar Air Cargo
Pron Air
Saudi Arabian Cargo



System Requirements                                                                                           

- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX
- 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD equivilant
- Windows XP or VISTA

This product is not DX10 compatible!
- 512Mb RAM
- 128Mb 3D graphics accelerator card.
- A plugin sound card such as Soundblaster Audigy

- 600 mb free harddisk space for the base installation.

The package is around 380mb for pax. extra 380mb for cargo (seperate download) 

CLS offers CD service on checkout (8 euro ex vat if applied)



This manual is not provided from, or endorsed by the Boeing Corporation, the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, or any airline in any way. Any exact similarities between this manual and Commercial Level Simulations aircraft to actually aircraft, procedures, or airline carriers are strictly coincidental. All copyrights remain the property of their respective owners. The procedures contained within are the Commercial Level Simulations interpretation of generic flight operations. These procedures are not always accurate in all situations. All diagrams have been either been recreated to mimic actual procedures or scenarios, or remain the copyrights of the respective owners. The purpose of the manual is not to claim ownership of the procedures or diagrams herein, rather, to show flight operations of the DC-10 based on publically available information. This manual is not intended for real world flight. Commercial Level Simulations aircraft are intended as a payware add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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